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By Sofia Fredén

World Premiere Translation
by Chad Eric Bergman*

Directed by Breahan Eve Pautsch*
September 14 – October 16, 2016 at The Den Theatre

In this madcap black comedy from Sweden, six accidental roommates struggle to find money, love and – hardest of all – their own apartment in Stockholm. Each works hard to manipulate the system in their own ways, but all of them are willing to go to extreme lengths to find a place (or person) to call home. They look for shelter in the wilderness, the bedroom, and, – in their most desperate moments – the government. As the characters lives spiral hilariously and disastrously out of control, they discover just how painstakingly high the cost of living really can be.

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Translator: Chad Eric Bergman*
Director: Breahan Eve Pautsch
Cast: Derik Iverson* (Aaron) with Scottie Caldwell (Nina), Kamille Dawkins (Nadia), Todd Michael Kiech (Gary), Jae K. Renfrow (Alan) and Johnard Washington (Peter).

Production Team:  
Chad Eric Bergman* (scenic design), Emma Deane (lighting design), Nigel Harsch (sound designer), R&D Choreography (violence/intimacy design) Matthew Isler* (technical director), Carri M, Stevens (production manager) and Kirstin Franklin* (casting) and Dan Wilson (assistant director).

*Denotes Akvavit Theatre company members.
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