Gjenganger: 3 Plays by Jon Fosse

Akvavit Theatre presented a “triptych” of plays by Norwegian luminary playwright Jon Fosse at Chicago’s DCASE Storefront Theater. The plays — A Summer's Day, Autumn Dream, and Winter — were all Chicago/Midwest premieres and all were in world-premiere translations by Kyle Korynta (commissioned by Akvavit).

Jon Fosse is Europe’s most-produced living playwright, although he has been rarely produced in the United States. Widely considered in Europe as one of the greatest contemporary playwrights, and “Norway’s leading export,” he has been ranked 83rd on a list of the Top 100 Living Geniuses by The Daily Telegraph. Among numerous other awards, Fosse was awarded the 2010 International Ibsen Award.

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Nordic Spirit 2012 - October 5-7


This festival of staged readings introduced 5 new Nordic plays—one each by leading playwrights from Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark (all in English translation). We feel lucky to have introduced to Chicago theatre audiences our collection of new translations, North American premiers and even a children's play! Post‐show discussions followed each reading.

A festival of staged readings

Friday, October 5, 8 pm.
North Park University, Lecture Hall Auditorium, 3225 W. Foster Ave.
They Died With Their Boots On by Sofia Fredén (Sweden); Translated by Edward Buffalo Bromberg
This bitterly funny tale of a couple's camping getaway explores the intellectual and emotional disconnects between a couple during a night of drinking and a morning of regrets, highlighted against a greater cultural disconnect between the Swedish people and the country's disillusioned immigrant workers.
Directed by Paul S. Holmquist

Saturday, October 6, 4 pm.
Tre Kroner Restaurant, 3258 W. Foster Ave.
Blue Planet* by Andri Snær Magnason (Iceland); Translated by Julian Meldon D'Arcy and Andri Snaer Magnason
When a mysterious stranger arrives on the children's Blue Planet with magical powers and big promises, the children begin to think he's the key to making all their wildest dreams come true. However, BRIMIR and HULDA soon discover that all their newfound fun and games come at an incredible cost. Will they be able to convince the other children of the truth—before it's too late?
Directed by James D Palmer

*Blue Planet is intended for family audiences and kids of all ages are invited to attend!

Saturday, October 6, 8 pm.
North Park University, Lecture Hall Auditorium, 3225 W. Foster Ave.
A Summer’s Day** by Jon Fosse (Norway); Translated by Kyle Korynta
This new translation introduces acclaimed Norwegian writer Jon Fosse, widely considered to be one of the world's greatest living playwrights, to Chicago audiences with this deep meditation on the nature of loss. A visit to an old friend sparks the memory of a visit years earlier and the mysterious disappearance of a loved one. Set in two time periods in the same idyllic house, A Summer Day evokes the nostalgia of the end of an affair, capturing love both in the moment and as a distant memory.
Directed by Wm. Bullion

**Akvavit Theatre is proud to be presenting this world-premiere translation by Kyle Korynta, commissioned by Akvavit specially for this festival. Mr. Korynta will also be joining us at the festival to lead the post-show discussion.

Nordic Spirit 2012 Reception Gala to follow across the street at Tre Kroner Restaurant.

Sunday, October 7, 4 pm.
Tre Kroner Restaurant, 3258 W. Foster Ave.
Knives Cut the Air by Jussi Moila (Finland)
Knives Cut the Air a Nordic black tragicomedy set in contemporary Finland. In this dark land the members of an unfortunate Eastern Finnish family have all found their individual ways of being unhappy. William Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury was the germ of inspiration for this play, which poetically combines private heartache with classical tragedy.
Directed by Mark Litwicki and Matthew Isler

Sunday, October 7, 8 pm.
North Park University, Lecture Hall Auditorium, 3225 W. Foster Ave.
About Tommy by Thor Bjørn Krebs (Denmark)
This haunting and poetic documentary-style play by the author of the recent cross-European hit "Baroness" explores the motivations and struggles of a young soldier going to fight in a war in a foreign land. He soon finds the experience to be nothing like he expected, and he - and everyone around him - must struggle to cope with the consequences. Based on a series of actual events that took place in the former Yugoslavia.
Directed by Lavina Jadhwani
Akvavit Theatre presents the US Premiere of
By Leea Klemola
In Translation by Nina Sallinen
Directed by Chad Eric Bergman

Kokkola is a story about community—a saga about people who have only each other, whether they like it or not. It is an alcohol-infused mash of Northern Exposure and Fargo. After the joke, when there is no longer any laughter, we see the naked truth… naked.  Kokkola is a plea for authentic Nordic sensibility, for a people with tango rhythm and silent perseverance staring into the vast void of both an interior and exterior landscape, people who recoil at unnecessary contact and prefer to express their feelings with deeds rather than with words. It is not a play that tries to understand the cause of this mindset. It is cold and dark drama of beauty, with a nasty sense of humor, yet strangely full of warmth and of the many possible ways to love without sex.

Kokkola premiered 12.10.2004 Tampere Theatre, in Tampere, Finland.  This is the US premiere.

Featuring: Joshua Harris, Jordan Grzybowski, Joe Giovannetti, Colin Reeves, Daniel Lehner, Jim Poole, Kirstin Franklin, Julie Mitre, David Kravitz, Breahan Pautsch, Bergen Anderson and Tania Negron.
Stage Manager: Michael Massey
Production Manager: Maggie Fullilove-Nugent
Lighting Designer: Maggie Fullilove-Nugent
Scenic Design: Chad Eric Bergman and Sarah Nelson
Costume Design: Kristina Carr
Sound Design: Nigel Harsch

Kokkola (Karleby in the Swedish language) is a town and municipality of Finland. The town is located in the province of Western Finland, on the north-eastern coast. It is situated within the coordinates 63° 49' 60 N and 23° 4' 60 E. The municipality has a population of 35,760 and covers an area of 332.44 km² of which 4.92 km² is water. The population density is 107.6 inhabitants per km². The municipality is bilingual with 81.2% being Finnish and 17.7% Swedish speakers.
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Leea Klemola
Leea Klemola (born August 16 1965, Kokkola, Finland ) is a Finnish actor, director and playwright. Klemola has studied at the Theatre Academy, 1987-1991, and later taught acting. Klemola was the Artistic Director for the Sun Theatre from 1994 to 2003. 
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"This is truly a unique and hilarious production. How blessed is Chicago to feature enough diversity to allow for a theatre company like Akvavit to produce nothing but contemporary Nordic plays? Brave the unusual and treat yourself to Kokkola for an evening, making certain to indulge in a shot of Svedka during intermission."
Keith Glab, Chicago Theater Beat

"Director Chad Eric Bergman’s Akvavit Theatre production easily marks one of the most unsettling, head-scratching, cringe-inducing shows I’ve seen in years.

God bless him for it."
Dan Jakes, TimeOut Chicago

"...the extraordinary and daring thirteen-member ensemble cast brings it off extremely well."
Dennis Polkow, Newcity Stage

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Coming from the 2012 Norway Theater Festival, TATT/USED is a monologue performance that takes a close look at the consequences of rape. Through explosive and physical expressions we meet a young rape victim who finds herself trapped in a web of thoughts that she can’t escape. Through remembered conversations, we also get to know the young offender and his experience of what occurred both before and since that night. USED asks hard questions about our perceptions of rape, of victims and perpetrators, about the definition of the word. Where is the line? Who draws the line?

Performances: November 13, 14 and 15 at 8:00pm
Hugen Hall at Strawdog Theatre
3829 N Broadway
2nd Floor Chicago IL 60613
Admission: $10 for 1 ticket, $15 for 2, $20 for 3.
Group rates are available; tickets are available at the door.

For tickets e-mail teatertatt@gmail.com


Siriann Petronella Berdal (Norwegian Performer/Playwright) is an actor and writer living in Oslo, originally from Trondheim, Norway. After graduating from North Park University in Chicago with a bachelor's degree in Theatre and Performance, she was inspired to continue acting and writing. For the past two years she has been performing in various shows in Norway. Her most recent production is her self-written one woman show, TATT, developed in cooperation with Hedda S. Rui and performed in Oslo, now translated for the US audience.

Hedda S. Rui (Norwegian Director/Playwright) has a BA in Theatre Arts from NTNU in Norway and is currently a MA-student of practice-based research on directing and innovative performance practices at the Central School of Speech and Drama in London, UK. Before she directed ”TATT / USED” with actress Siriann Petronella Berdal, she was director’s assistant in 2010 at Trøndelag Teater– one of Norway’s national theatres, and directed a performance for Norway’s biggest cultural festival UKA in 2011.

The Chicago production of TATT is directed by Breahan Pautsch.